Value For Money

We charge based on the value of our work to you.

Many firms charge based on the amount of time they spend on your work. In this way the slower they are the more they charge.

You will want to know how much your legal fees are going to be before you receive a bill. We do our very best to calculate our fees based on the value of our work to you. While we must take into account the time we have spent on your work, the complexity of the case and the experience of those involved, we appreciate that our charges must give you value for your money.

If we feel that it is not economically sensible for you to take legal action, we will tell you so.

“Helen Coughlan (in her first telephone call to me) was extremely quick to grasp the details of my case which was somewhat complex in nature. She immediately established my requirements and gave sound advice. The outcome was very satisfactory, being completely in line with my expectations and aims.”

M. C., Employment Law Client