Moving Cases Quickly

It is bad enough that you have to get a solicitor in the first place!

Our job is to get your problem solved fast! That means we have to do things quickly.

The legal process (and particularly the Court process) can be quite slow. Particularly at present, there are serious delays in the Court system and shortages of Court staff. However, it is crucial that these delays are not made worse by a delay in your solicitor’s office. You are entitled to expect that your work will be dealt with promptly and that your case will be moved on as quickly as possible in the circumstances.

We use a system of file review and electronic diaries to make sure that all cases are moved on as quickly as possible.

We appreciate that when you have a problem, you want it solved as quickly as possible. If we can do that for you, you will then be a satisfied client and recommend us to others.

“Helen Coughlan (in her first telephone call to me) was extremely quick to grasp the details of my case which was somewhat complex in nature.  She immediately established my requirements and gave sound advice.   The outcome was very satisfactory, being completely in line with my expectations and aims.”

M. C., Employment Law Client