Client’s we’ve helped

The firm has carried out a wide variety of work since it was founded in 1976. Examples of its work are as follows:

Aviation accident law

We acted for the family of a pilot killed in a helicopter accident in the United States. We instructed a US air accident investigator and arranged a search of the scene of the accident where we found material not found by the crash investigators.

We started proceedings in the US Courts as a result of which we secured a settlement against the aircraft manufacturer and obtained a significant financial award for our client.

We took High Court proceedings during the course of the case against the Air Accident Investigation Unit as we felt our client was not being treated fairly.

Medical negligence law

We issued proceedings where a negligent surgeon mistakenly severed our client’s bile duct. Our client suffered greatly because of the mistake and we recovered significant compensation. We brought in expert medical evidence from the UK and the case was ultimately settled.

Road traffic accidents

Our client suffered nasty injuries when his car skidded on oil left on the road by an untraced car. We managed to recover through the Courts from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

In one case, we acted for a wife who was badly injured in a road traffic accident when her husband drove negligently. He was happy for his insurers to deal with the claim.

We have acted for a client where he received a bad neck injury in a case where the driver was uninsured in a single car collision.

Motorcycle accidents

We successfully sued the County Council where they had badly repaired potholes and our motorcyclist client, having been forced to take evasive action by a car, drove into a pothole and crashed.

A common cause of accidents for motorcyclists is the emergence of cars from the left into their path. We have recovered damages in these cases.

Employment Law

We have acted in many cases where our employee clients were dismissed without just cause and we have recovered damages. Frequently, proper procedures were not used.

We have recovered significant damages for clients who suffered injury as a result of repeated bullying in the workplace.

We have advised many employer clients regarding their employment law obligations and have drafted comprehensive documentation for them.

Workplace accidents

We have acted where our client was injured at work where proper training wasn’t given and as a result, our client suffered crush injuries to her finger.

We acted where our client suffered serious injuries when the heavy machinery he was operating malfunctioned.

We acted where proper training in lifting procedures was not given and our client suffered very debilitating back injuries.

Charities and religious bodies

We have acted in setting up the legal structures for many charities and have established property trust companies for religious bodies. We advise charities and religious bodies on property and other matters.


We have advised schools in relation to employment matters, disciplinary issues, issues regarding disputes between parents, child abuse issues, dishonesty and all of the issues that arise in the daily life of a busy school.

We have acted in the High Court on their behalf to defend decisions made.


We have acted in court cases where children have felt that they weren’t properly provided for in their parent’s will. We have successfully made the case that in the circumstances, the parent had not complied with their responsibilities.

We have acted in the administration of estates valued at many millions of Euro and consisting of lands, property and shares with many beneficiaries. We have dealt with the complex tax and financial issues arising.

Property sales/purchases

Our property department has been involved in the sale of pubs, farms, development land, businesses and residential property.  We have acted for builders/developers in the sale and leasing of residential and commercial property.


We acted for the family of an elderly man who died in a nursing home. After an inquest lasting a week, we secured a verdict that the actions of the nursing home hastened his death.

We acted in the case of a motorcyclist killed in a motorcycle race and secured a verdict which criticised the way the race had been organised.

Financial Institutions

We have acted throughout Ireland for banks and small financial institutions in relation to lending, debt recovery and arrears management.