6. Deciding to proceed and taking the initial steps

What We Do

We understand that going through the process of taking a medical negligence claim is daunting. We know that you have already been through traumatic and difficult times. You need someone to listen to you, to advise and support you through the process. This is what we do – we are here to help you.

Before we advise any client to start a claim for medical negligence, we will make sure that our client has a good chance of success. The decision by the client to proceed is not an easy one. Their experience to date may have been traumatic and the decision to embark on a legal claim will not be taken lightly.

Our first step is to listen to your story. We obtain your medical files and professionally examine the details. We engage a medical expert who will let us know if the standard of care you received fell below the standard accepted in Ireland. We will obtain the professional opinion and advice of international medical experts from the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia, if necessary. Often it is the opinion of these medical experts which will confirm whether you have a medical negligence claim.*