Debt Recovery Considerations for Business

What We Do

All businesses depend on cash flow. They are built on the premise that when you provide goods or services, you will be paid for them in a timely and reasonable manner. If this does not happen, it can put your whole business in jeopardy.

We have a long established debt collection department and undertake work for two leading financial institutions throughout Ireland. We have a dedicated debt collection team who are experts in this area. Our service produces results and is cost effective.

So what are your options when it comes to bad debts? Do you have to go to Court to get your money back? How do you know if a debtor has the resources to pay you? What if they are just trying to avoid their obligations? And what impact has the new Insolvency legislation had on debt collection?

We deal below with some of the most common queries that arise for businesses:

  • The Debt Collection Process
  • Personal Insolvency Legislation: how does it affect your business?

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