Our Special Interests

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Patrick J Farrell & Company has practiced in many areas of law since it was founded in 1976. These are our special interests:


Probate/Inheritance Disputes

Occasionally disputes will arise regarding the distribution of an estate. Patrick J Farrell and Company has acted in many of these cases. Such disputes arise for example where a child feels they have not been given enough in a will or where it is alleged that the deceased was not capable of properly writing a will. 


Charities and Voluntary/Religious Bodies Law

We have acted for many charities and voluntary bodies since the firm was founded over 35 years ago. We understand the ethos and approach of voluntary organizations and take this into account in our advice to our clients.


Farming / Equestrian Law

Kildare and its surrounding counties have some of the best farmland in Ireland and we are very experienced in farming matters. We have a very good practical understanding of farming and equestrian issues. 


Complex Family Law 

Complex family law cases are those that may involve business ownership, investments, wealth management, professional practice or complex property or asset holdings. Helen Coughlan and Niall Farrell are the partners who deal with family law at Patrick J Farrell and Company. Niall and Helen have dealt with family law cases for many years and both have significant business law expertise. Niall is the managing partner of the firm and looks after business disputes and commercial property. He can look at a family law case from a business perspective and deal with complex business arrangements and commercial property transfers. Helen formerly worked at one of the top Irish commercial law firms, Matheson Orsby Prentice, where she gained significant business and commercial expertise which she now applies to her complex family law cases.


Medical Negligence* 

In the medical profession, sometimes mistakes will be made. In these circumstances, the consequences can be very serious and the law provides that patients can look to the Courts to compensate them. They can be compensated for the financial losses they have suffered and for the pain and suffering they have endured unnecessarily.


Personal Injury* 

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault, you can pursue a claim for compensation. Our solicitors will help recover personal injury compensation for your physical, psychological and financial losses. 



* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.


"The service was extremely professional. I found it at all times to be very comprehensive and carried out in a courteous and diligent manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services."

- C.S., Dublin

"Niall helped me achieve a very positive outcome after a very serious accident where I was being blamed unfairly. Niall had clear advice and strategy and really made an unpleasant process bearable, with great communication and regular updates, and consequently a great result."

N.K. Co. Dublin, Motorbike Client

"I have always found the service provided by your firm to be highly professional and first class. Attention to detail and advice given is always spot on. No complaints whatsoever. It is always a pleasure to deal with your company."

- L.D., Co. Offaly

"I would give the service a ten absolutely. I was provided with the pros and cons regarding how a case like mine could go from the start. I appreciated having the facts from the outset. From reception to the solicitors I dealt with, everyone was friendly and efficient. I will definitely recommend you to others."

A.H., Newbridge, Co. Kildare